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Dr. Alice Madonia : PhD

Dr. Alice Madonia


  • studies the bio-optical variable of seawater in vivo aimed at the development of experimental fluorometric sensors for in situ characterization of marine ecosystems;
  • performs laboratory analysis of seawater samples for the estimation of the main photosynthetic pigments and particulate in suspension, for the calibration of reference fluorometers and transmissometers used during the monitoring campaigns;
  • actively participating in measurements campaigns to capture in situ data for the main physical, chemical and biological parameters of the water column through the use of multiparameter probes.

Natalizia Consalvi : Phd Student

Natalizia Consalvi

Phd Student

  • collects and analyzes data from fixed measurement stations for the study and monitoring of the coastal environment;
  • works on the data quality control for the implementation of the european data collection platform SeaDataNet.

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