This area of research is focused on two major subjects: the study of pelagic ecosystems, carried out through the acquisition and processing of data collected in the field during oceanographic and measurement campaigns and through the appilcation of mathematical models that simulate ecosystem dynamics (interactions between physical and biological processes in micro, meso and macro scale), with particular reference to primary production. The second subject focuses on the study and monitoring of benthic communities, with particular reference to Posidonia oceanica meadows.

Pelagic ecosystems

Activities in this field mainlly concerns:

Oceanographic surveys (physical, chemical, biological and optical measures);

Study of primary production through in situ measurements;

Analysis of the relationship between physical phenomena and biological processes through the study of spatial and temporal scales and through the development of new technologies;

Mathematical models of the dynamics of pelagic ecosystems;

Processing satellite images for studying oceanographic phenomena.


Processing and representation of the distribution of sea surface temperature measured by satellite (SST, Sea Surface Temperature) in the Sardinia Sea.

Map of primary production integrated in the water column: area of the Strait of Gibraltar, Alboràn Sea and Southern Balearic Islands.


Benthos and zooplankton sampling and subsequent laboratory analysis for sorting and identification


Our technical-scientific operators working on a meadow of Posidonia oceanica.

Coastal ecosystems

Activities in this field mainly concerns:

Oceanographic surveys (physical, chemical, biological and optical measures);

Mathematical models of coastal ecosystems dynamics;

3. Analysis and description of benthic communities (sorting and identification, numerical-descriptive analysis, characterization of trophic categories);

Description of ecological quality